joi, 23 iunie 2011

Free trophy & earrings

To get the trophy log in and go to

To get the earrings:
step 1 : go to or
step 2 : paste this into the URL bar :
step 3: hit enter & log in
step 4: paste this into the URL bar:
step 5: close it when you see a blank page.
step 6: go to the normal stardoll ;).

                                                                                                                                              Alice <3.

marți, 21 iunie 2011

New Spoilers

Hei. On Stardoll will appear new things.Thanks Browse in Stardoll for this amazing photos.

Free Dress !

 Free Dress : Beach bride tube dress !

To get it you must :
step1 : Go to
step2: Paste this into the URL bar 
step3 : Press enter and log in
step4 : Paste this into the URL bar : 
step5: Go to the normal stardoll and open your gift (:


111.111.111 th member gave us free things !

Stardoll have 111.111.111 (and more)members and they are giving us free items. To get them go hereee :)

                                                                                                         Yours, Alice (:

luni, 20 iunie 2011

Last Chance for Beach Villa...

Heyy...Beach villa will cost only 19 days 199 sds.Since 1 july price = 249 sds..Hurry!

=> <=



Hello! I'am Liginan.My name is Giunia but my friends call me Julie. I am 20 years old,my account on stardoll is liginan please vizit me.My other account is superchica ( currently sit on it )
I write about competitions. I hope you like my posts
Bye-Bye Kisses Juliee/Liginan

New Doll

Heii Doll-Lover!
New Doll:)!

Name: Edita Abdieski
Age: 27
B-day: November 14
Professieon: Singer
Note: 5/5

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Like this?


Free stuff

If  you want it you have to:

1. Go to

2. Write in the blank URL box
3. Log in !
4. Write in the URL box
This is it ! You will find it in your suite. :)


If you want this beautiful Monster High dress you must:
1.Go to
2. Write in the URL box : and hit enter
3. Log in
4. Write this in the URL box
5. Wait untill the page is loadig and go to the normal STARDOLL. You will have it

                                                                                   Love, Alice <3 


Heeiii . I  am R4LUK4, the newest blogger here. I will write about new free things. I will try to be fast. Now more about me:
You can tell me Alice ~ . And I`m from Romaniaaa .

XOXO, Aliceee/R4LUK4 :> :X


Hei. My name is Oana, but my friends call me Onii. I am 12 years old.
My account on stardoll is oanabianca7. Visit me.
I am the new writer of this blog. I hope you like my posts.
Bye-Bye !

xoxo, Onii/Oanabianca7.


Heii Stardoll Lover's!I'm Caroline/Aneliese!Oana and me I hope you enjoy our blog! New ideas:>